Ausrüstung für Triathleten

Speed Suit

The Energize compression suit, utilizing Aqua Sphere’s unique Dynamix high-compression textiles, is designed  to protect the core muscles and improve the performance of triathletes. By limiting core muscle vibration and improving energy efficiency through a more streamlined body, the Energize suit helps you maximize the active recovery benefits of the swimming stage of your race, resulting in improved bike and run performance. 


  • Compression speed suit for better performances
  • Water repellant fabric
  • Flatlock seams for comfort
  • Back zip for easy don and doff


Technologies and Materials:

Dynamix High-Compression Textile – offers active recovery during the swim, resulting in improved bike and run performance. Swimming is a natural form of active recovery as it soothes and reduces muscle tissue inflammation. The addition of a compression suit to a swimming workout further aids the recovery process by limiting core muscle vibrations and improving efficiency through a more streamlined body.

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