Aqua Sphere appreciates and respects our network of retailers and does not sell products directly to consumers, instead we use an online facility called Shopatron.

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This online shopping facility is managed by Shopatron and allows Aqua Sphere to accept online orders through its corporate website, and then makes these orders available to qualified retailers and dealers, by allowing retailers and dealers to login to a secure website and view available orders. This system matches each order to the closest retailer or dealer that expresses interest in the order, allowing the retailer to fulfill the order even though it was placed on the manufacturer's website.

Through this network, retailers and dealers are provided with additional sales and given access to valuable metrics on national and regional sales volumes.

Shopatron is a proud partner to over 400 leading branded manufacturers in more than 30 industries. Since August 2001, over 6,000 retailers and dealers have joined the Shopatron eCommerce system, at no charge. We welcome and encourage all of our retailers to join the Shopatron network.