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  • The Racer triathlon wetsuit combines the flexibility and buoyancy needed in a top performing tri suit.
  • Aqua Sphere Ambassador, Amanda Beard, trusts only the best, comfortable, stylish swimwear for her swim workouts, lap swimming and aquatic exercise.
  • With its unique, oversized lens design, the Aqua Sphere Kayenne Polarized not only reduces glare and reflections, but also combines expanded 4-point vision with superior hydrodynamics thanks to its low-profile micro-frame.
  • Combining Aqua Sphere’s global product design expertise and distribution with Phelps’ and Coach Bob Bowman’s experiences at the highest levels of swim performance, the MP brand will feature a new line of technical swim products featuring proprietary technologies and performance enhancing designs for competitive swimmers.
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AquaLight Fabric - A Proprietary coating that transforms the textile at the molecular level, from the inside out, creating a barrier that changes the surface tension of the fabric so that water does not adhere to the fibers.

Body Shaping Features - Swimwear with enhancing support features for a comfortable, flattering appearance.

Seal 2.0 - The perfect swim mask for fitness swimmers

Swim Training Gear - Whether you're a pool lap swimmer or aerobic exerciser, we've got products for every activity.