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Swim Challenge - Battle of the Sexes Heating Up!

With nearly 2,000 participants already logging their hours in the pool, ocean or lake each day and exchanging light-hearted barbs via Twitter and Facebook, Aqua Sphere's Swim Challenge is proving to be an intriguing grudge match between men and women.

Join the Swim Challenge and Fight Cancer

“Participants from all over the world are logging on,” says Martin Newton, Sales and Marketing Manager (UK) for Aqua Sphere, the sponsor of the Swim Challenge – an event designed to support both breast cancer and prostate cancer research. "The website’s 'leader meter,' which tracks the total time swam (men vs. women), shows the lead alternating between each gender. However, British swimming enthusiast and Sky Sports journalist, Julian Crabtree, is currently leading the way for the world and his swimming hours are certainly impressive! Can anyone beat him? Time will tell!"

Julian says, "Swim Challenge is a great event and certainly keeps me motivated. When I want to get out I just think of the others and it keeps me plugging away. Now that it is getting warmer I am doing more and more open water swimming so hopefully my times may even go up!"

Rather than simply write a cheque, Aqua Sphere has pledged to split £25,000 between the Prostate Cancer Foundation (men) and The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (women) – and how that money is divided is determined by the cumulative hours swam by each gender. The “Donation Dashboard” on the site displays an up to the minute breakdown of those funds and its fluctuations are spurring both sexes on to try to improve their hours.

Free to take part, swimmers of all abilities are invited to simply sign-up and sign on to www.swimchallenge.org and log their daily/weekly/monthly hours (not their laps) in the water. The Swim Challenge will close on Nov 30th.

For more information visit www.swimchallenge.org or join the Swim Challenge Facebook fan site. Twitter users can also follow swim_challenge for the latest updates.

SIGN UP! swimchallenge.org