• The Racer competition triathlete wetsuit combines flexibility and buoyancy needed in a top performing wet suit.
  • Kaiman Exo incorporates first-of-its kind EXO-core bi-material frame technology that combines maximum stability with comfort.
  • With its unique, oversized lens design, the Aqua Sphere Kayenne Polarized not only reduces glare and reflections, but also combines expanded 4-point vision with superior hydrodynamics thanks to its low-profile micro-frame.
  • XCEED Goggles. The Future. In Perfect Clarity
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AquaLight Fabric - A Proprietary coating that transforms the textile at the molecular level, from the inside out, creating a barrier that changes the surface tension of the fabric so that water does not adhere to the fibers.

Lita offers a universally flattering design and a built in shelf bra for added support.

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Level 4




Introduction to Michael Phelps Swim Method

Swimming Skills

Core Skills and
Common Stages


Learn to Swim
Instructional Products


History of Michael Phelps Swimming

Level 1

Get Wet: Splash

Level 2

Pre-Beginner: Float

Level 3

Beginner: Swim

Level 4

Advanced Beginner: Train


In Level Four, a swimmer has had some introduction to freestyle and backstroke and during this stage she refines her stroke and kicking technique and furthers her ability to integrate smooth, rhythmic rotary breathing. This stage can last for years. It is focused on building a swimmer’s independence and getting her to a point where she can be safe, competent, and take care of herself in the water.

“Things won’t go perfect.
It’s all about how you adapt from
those things and learn from mistakes."
- Michael Phelps


Kick Technique*: – At this stage, it can be helpful to isolate kicking and stroking activities so that your child can focus on one without having to worry about the other. Kickboards allow him to eliminate the stroke and rotary breath and just work his legs.


Kicking drills can be ‘spiced up’ by turning them into a race against the clock or a sibling or friend.