Core Belt

  • The Core Belt provides stability for cardiovascular exercise and core strength
    • Articulated foam for ergonomic fit
    • Stretch zones prevent belt from riding up
    • Easy-adjust, two-way buckle
    • Neoprene construction for a comfortable fit
    • Mesh zones accelerate drying

Figure-Four Crunch

Ankle Reaches

Tuck and Shoot

Standing Jump and Shoot

Jack Tucks

Frog Tucks

Crunch with Shoot Thrusts

Side Shoot Thrusts

Wall Push and Sprint-Backs

V-Sit Scissor Kicks

Breast Stroke Vertical and Horizontal


Power Gloves

  • Combine Buoyancy with resistance for a complete Upper Body Workout
    • Articulated foam for ergonomic fit
    • Provides resistance for effective training
    • Comfortable neoprene construction
    • Mesh zones accelerate drying
    • One size fits most

Straddle Jog

Arm Pulls

Ski Punches

Power Twist

High Heel Jog - Upper Cuts

Tricep Extensions

Push-Pull Arms

Breast Stroke

Lateral Arm Raises


Sprints - Arm Curls

Traveling V-Sit