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Aqua Sphere lead industry innovation with the goal of creating the most advanced technologies for unparalleled performance with maximum comfort. Refer to each product individually to see which of these technologies are applicable

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Aqua Sphere Buckle Systems are simple to operate. Micro adjustments allow for the precise tension and most comfortable fit without need for over-tightening. The combination of our facial geometry research, advanced materials and amazingly simple-to-operate buckle systems guarantee you the perfect, leak-free fit every time.



Quick Fit 

An easy to operate, push button buckle adjustment makes tightening and loosening quick and simple, even while wearing. The low profile, micro-metric strap adjustment buckle streamlines the goggle and improves strap adjustment precision and comfort.




EZ Adjust

The EZ Adjust buckle is a low profile, micro-metric strap adjustment buckle that streamlines the goggle while allowing for precise strap adjustment. Simply pull the straps back to your desired level of tension for a leak free fit, or lift the buckle tabs and pull the goggle forward to loosen.




EZ Adjust Pull Strap Buckle

A low-profile pull strap adjustment is the natural evolution of our signature buckle systems – simple to operate allowing a comfortable and smooth transition.