Caring for your swimsuit

Finding the perfect swimsuit is hard, so when you do find it, you need to take care of it so it lasts longer! 

The elements of your swimsuit that help to keep its shape, protect from the elements and make it chlorine resistant are the same things that are easily degradable if not taken proper care of.

Plus, frequent exposure to chlorinated water, sun, salt and perspiration can cause your swimsuit to fade and deteriorate, so it is essential to care for your suit in the correct way to make it last as long as possible.

Here are our top tips to make your swimwear last longer.

How to take care of a swimsuit

Alternate your swimsuit if you swim every day.  The elastane needs time to get back into its original shape.

Be careful where you sit around the pool.  Hard and abrasive surfaces will cause pilling and can degrade the fabrics construction. If there are only hard/abrasive surfaces, lay your towel down first.

Limit your time in a hot tub, the heat will fade the fabric quicker than normal and also cause the elasticity to breakdown faster, so your suit will lose its shape.

When storing your suit after your swim, it is best not to wrap it in your towel, as this has collected all chemicals from the pool and your suit will be subject to them until your take it out.

Do not store your suit in a plastic bag as this will cause your suit to deteriorate and it may also encourage the growth of bacteria and mildew.

How to wash your swimsuit

Rinse under the shower after each wear.

Once at home, immediately hand wash in cool water with a mild detergent so that any chemicals do not degrade the technical elements of the suit.

Machine washing can have an adverse reaction to the fabric and cause pilling, they can also ruin any built in cups.

Ensure to wash after every use as the build-up of chlorine and sun lotions can also degrade the suit.

Do not use fabric softener.

Do not wring out your swimsuit as this can also damage the fibres, lay flat to dry instead.

How to dry your swimsuit

Dry your suit indoors or in the shade, remembering to lay it flat so as not to stretch the suit or cause it to misshapen.

Drying in direct sunlight could cause the suit to fade quicker and degrade the elasticity. 

Machine drying is also not recommended, the heat will degrade the elasticity and fabric.