What is the warranty period for my goggles?

Aqua Sphere offer a standard warranty period of 1 year, under conditions of normal and proper use the product will be replaced or repaired without charge. For warranty services, return the product with proof of purchase to the store from which the product was purchased.  

I cannot get my goggles to seal, why?

Swim goggles may leak when the seal changes shape from wear and tear on the skirt, causing water to leak into the goggles.  Always try on swim goggles before buying them to ensure a tight seal.  A seal should be created easily just by lightly pressing the skirt around the eye area without the use of the strap, they should stay in position easily if they are a good fit.

My goggles have a crack on the lens, what could have caused this?

Excessive bending of the product can cause a crack in the lens.

Why are my goggles fogging up?  What can I do to prevent this?

Immerse your goggles in the pool water for about five minutes before swimming. This helps them to adjust to the temperature of the water and can reduce the likelihood and severity of fogging.

I have lost the pin from the buckle on my goggles, can you repair this?

We can normally help out with small items please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What are the age ranges for Youth goggles?

Seal Kid/Seal Kid 2/Kameleon Kid suitable for children aged 3 - 8 years (approx)

Vista/Kameleon Junior suitable for children aged 6-12 (approx)

Moby Kid suitable for childrens aged 5-10 years (approx)

What is the expected life span of my goggle strap?

The strap is silicone and is very durable but breakage can often be caused by over-tightening.  Always ensure that the strap is loosened before removing and be careful to release the buckle mechanism when adjusting during fitting.

My strap has snapped, can you replace this under warranty?

Replacement straps can be purchased from your retailer the product code is 261242

Can I order a particular prescription lens for my swim goggles?

We only manufacture prescription lenses for our Eagle goggles and they are available in diopters -1.5 to -6

What is the expected life span of my goggles?

Aqua Sphere offers a standard warranty period of 1 year, but they can last much longer dependent on how often they are used and how they are cared for.  Always rinse after use, allow to dry naturally and store in protective case to prolong the life of your goggles.

What are the best goggles for outdoor swimming?

All of our goggles can be used for outdoor events, but if you choose any of the following lens types blue, polarized, dark or mirrored these have more benefit for filtering out brightness.

What are the best goggles for indoor pool training?

Goggles with a clear lens or amber lens are recommended for indoor pool training.

How can I prevent the silicone on my goggles going mouldy?

Rinse the goggle in fresh water and do not leave to dry in a humid area, drying in a warm open area is more effective for reducing a mould issue. 

Can I return my goggles for exchange it they are not the correct fit for my face shape?

Unfortunately the fit should be determined prior to your purchase, incorrect fit is not classed as a product fault and is not a warranty issue, therefore you would need to discuss this with your retailer to review your option for exchange.

Where can I purchase replacement straps?

You can purchase replacement straps with your retailer the order code is 261242

How do I clean my goggles?

Rinse the goggle in fresh water after use. To avoid any damages to the inside of the lens for preserving the anti fog treatment. Do not spit on or rub the lens with you fingers. avoid solvents, detergents, alcohol, fog proof liquids different from the recommend ones. Keep the product away from heat sources and avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Can I clean my prescription lenses with my glasses cleaner?

 We do not recommend the use of solvents, detergents or alcohol to contact the lens, these will damage the make up of the lens and void any warranty.

The lens has popped out of my goggles during cleaning, can you repair this?

Unfortunately the factory seal cannot be replicated once the lens has become dislodged  the goggle would always leak. If  the product is within the warranty period then please contact your retailer with your proof of purchase, alternatively if the product is out of the warranty period a new pair would need to be purchased.

How long does the Anti Fog coating last?

This depends on how often and in what conditions the goggle is used, in warm humid conditions the users skin contact and perspiration can affect the longevity of the anti fog coating, to support and maintain your goggle there is anti fog solution available at your retailer.

How do I adjust the buckle on my Seal Kid goggles?

Slightly lift the clip on the side of the goggle to allow the strap to pull through. Lifting the buckle too harshly can result in the buckle becoming stressed and the strap not retaining correctly.

Is there a difference in size between the Regular and Lady Fit goggles?

Yes, the lady fit goggle is approx 20% smaller and more suitable for teens & ladies with small features.  This does not apply to the Vista, Seal 2.0 and and Seal XP2 masks, they are the same size as the regular version, just more feminine colours.

The clip is broken on my goggles, can I order a replacement part?

We do not sell replacement parts however we can sometimes help out on small items email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I've had my goggles for a short period of time and they are faulty, do I return them to you or the retailer?

Always approach the retailer in the first instance with your proof of purchase.

Do you sell spare lenses for the Seal Kid?

The lenses are fitted during the manufacturing process and cannot be replaced spares are not available.

Can I purchase protective eyewear cases?

Unfortunately these are not available as a spare part.

Where are your goggles manufactured?

All Aqua Sphere eye protection is built to premium standards in Genoa, Italy.

Are your goggles latex free?

All Aqua Sphere eye protection materials are hypoallergenic and latex free.

Is there a protective film on your lenses, the lenses seem blurry?

The only additive to the lens is the anti fog coating applied in the manufacture process.

Do you manufacture any of your goggles with a polarized lens?

The Kayenne regular fit, small fit, and lady fit are all available with a polarized lens.

What type of conditions are polarized lenses used for?

Polarized goggles are used by outdoor swimmers, where glare can be irritating or dangerous, especially backstrokers who look up at the sun as they swim.  A special coating is applied to the lenses to reflect intense light that might hamper vision.

Do you goggles offer UVA/UVB protection?

Aqua Sphere goggles have 100% UVA/UVB protection with scratch resistance and anti-fog treatment.

What is the difference between the Seal kid and Seal kid 2?

The size and shape are the same the differences are the colour ways.

What is the material of the skirt and strap on your goggles?

The material is silicone

Do your goggles have any Latex material in the skirt or strap?

All Aqua Sphere eye protection materials are latex free.

Why has the skirt on my goggle cracked?

If the goggle has been left out in direct sunshine to dry, the silicone can harden and crack, you must never leave your product in direct sunlight always dry your product out of direct sunshine.


How should I wash my swimming costume?

Please see our page, which gives full information on caring for your swimwear and getting the most out of it.


Can I use my Aquaskin in a chlorinated pool?

It's not recommended that you use Aqua Skins for pool use as the chlorine can cause the glue to rot and fall apart at the seams

Can I return my wetsuit to you for repair?

The process is to return your product to your retailer for review, they may recommend you use a local repair centre if the product is out of warranty or the fault has been caused by general wear and tear.

Do you sell glue to repair my wetsuit?

Unfortunately we don't, but there is a a product on the market call Black Witch that can be used to make small repairs.