The genesis of the Aqua Sphere brand is in our swim goggles and masks. Developed from our core engineering of precision Aqua Lung dive mask technology, the Aqua Sphere difference starts with an effective seal and unrivalled visibility, equating to long lasting comfort and crystal clear under water vision. Our new focus is delivering specific types of eye protection to suit the individual. Aqua Sphere creates swimming goggles and masks for both recreational use and advanced protection in the open waters of the ocean, the lane lines of a competition pool and in the comfort of your neighbours yard. Designed for adults and youth, we place comfort and vision first, letting your personal water activity dictate the type of eye protection you require.

Vista Jr Blue Lens

Vista Jr Clear Lens

Kayenne Jr Blue Lens

Kayenne Jr Clear Lens

Seal Kid 2 Blue Lens

Seal Kid 2 Clear Lens

Kameleon Jr - Smoke Lens

Kameleon Jr - Blue Lens

Kameleon Jr - Clear Lens

Kameleon Kid - Blue Lens

Kameleon Kid - Clear Lens

Moby Kid Blue Lens

Moby Kid Clear Lens

Moby Kid Smoke Lens