Introduction to Michael Phelps Swim Method

Swimming Skills

Core Skills and
Common Stages


Learn to Swim
Instructional Products


History of Michael Phelps Swimming

Level 1

Get Wet: Splash

Level 2

Pre-Beginner: Float

Level 3

Beginner: Swim

Level 4

Advanced Beginner: Train

Level 01 - Get Wet: Splash


Level one is an introduction to the water in a one-on-one setting with a parent or caregiver. This level typically includes children between six months and three years and uses repetition and play to acclimate young children to being in the water.

Level 02 - Pre-Beginner: Float


This level aims to help children become comfortable under the water. They will also learn to float as they become more comfortable under water. They must be at least three years old, but is perfectly appropriate for older children who are not comfortable going under water yet.

Level 2 Swim Vest
Buoyancy aid provides assisted floating and stability

Arm Floats
Buoyancy aid provides assisted floating

Level 03 - Beginner: Swim


At this stage, children are learning how to have a streamlined body position and to incorporate rhythmic breathing into the basic freestyle and backstrokes.

Level 04 - Adv. Beginner: Swim


Advanced beginners are swimming partial laps and refining their stroke and breathing techniques.

The Michael Phelps Swim Method products are intended to be used for training young children to swim. They are not toys! The products are buoyant aids to be used during swimming instruction and are to be used only under constant supervision.

The Michael Phelps Swim Method products are not lifesaving devices, will not keep the wearer’s face above water, nor will they protect against drowning. Do not leave the child unattended at any time. Maintain constant contact when required.

Read the Instructions For Use and Warning notices included with each product carefully and completely before use. Ensure that the products are suitable for the child’s weight and age category. Do not use and immediately discard if a product is damaged.